Widening Worlds MUCK is permanently closed.

As time passed it became increasingly obvious that there was no demand for a fat fetish roleplay community with an enforced minimum quality. 201 players opened accounts, but even with our very lax quality requirements and through step-by-step tutorials, only about 20 ever finished the approval process; most gave up immediately upon seeing there was a minimum quality. As a result of the stagnating player base, I made the decision to step down as owner. Since there was — understandably — nobody who wanted to take over the leadership, server, and financial duties of being owner, this effectively meant there was no other choice but to close.

This page will remain online until August 2017, at which point the domain will expire. The site's content prior to closing has been preserved by archive.org at this link.

Please e-mail any queries to me at baronvonclop !at! gmail !dot! com.

To anyone who was an approved player: we have opened a discord server to stay in touch and continue any roleplay that was active. Please e-mail me at the address above if you would like to be invited.

Thanks for all the fun,

Widening Worlds MUCK
August 26th, 2016 - November 6th, 2016

1/2/2017: I have written a postmortem for Widening Worlds on my blog, which you can read here.